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6 thoughts on “Buy Medazepam Without Prescription

  1. so sorry I missed your call yesterday, friend! I was at the eye Dr, then came home to making dinner and getting kiddos up and date night!

    SO GLAD to hear that you will meet her on Sunday! We love ya’ll and are praying as you (the Lord) prepare your hearts for your new daughter! The “what if’s” are SO normal….and well, aren’t they there with ALL our children?! : )

  2. You are totally right! I had all of these what if’s w/ Jaimes. Last night (after this post) Matt and I read Jeremiah 11 and 12 and were given some peace (I was, Matt not really a freak before it all kind of guy) in that the Lord has planned these days for us. I’ll be going back to that over and over again.

  3. SOOOOO Excited for you and for Gracie to be with you – can’t wait to see pictures of your daughters together. Jaimes must be jumpin out of her skin! A special delivery!

  4. hey Christa! Jaimes is pretty excited. She keeps saying little sis is going to live with us FORRRREVVVER and ever and ever and EVER!! It was really cute to hear her like the name also! She said “Gracie! (paused) That’s a great name!” I can’t wait to see them play together! And hoping they will share more than not…but I’m sure there will be some not wanting to share.

  5. This is all so WONDERFUL! I’ve been on the edge of my seat for weeks right along with you. I can’t wait to “meet” her, hopefully you’ll be able to post a picture of your family with the new addition, so we can see the face we’ve been praying about!!

    (((HUGS))) What a blessed time for the Donovans!

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