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9 thoughts on “Buy Amaryl No Prescription

  1. I think my fave reason for having Facebook is that it is good way to keep in touch with a quick hello or “i’m thinking about you” with those that I don’t talk with as often but am still close with. For example, some of my good friends that live out of town…those friends you can go a few months and then catch up like no time went by. Does that make sense? :)

  2. it’s ridiculous and awesome. i am on it probably only once each week. i will say, though, that when a high school friend was murdered, it was a good way to keep up on the news and get in touch with past friends. it has merit…just not as much as people say. i prefer twitter.

  3. I don’t do anything other than blogging…and that is about all I can keep up with! If I added anything, it’d probably be twitter.

    Hey, when are y’all going to add Gracie to your header?!?

  4. i can only handle my blog–i’m already at the computer way too much!
    Kristin i loved the pics of Jaimes b-day!! so beautiful!
    I’ll be in the Ft. Worth area w/the boys in July 13-19 maybe we can get together!

  5. Thanks for all the feedback! I definitely like or “get” twitter more and it’s probably more of a usability issue than anything.

    I’m totally slacking on pics for Jaimes’ new do and Gracie has her hair in ponies (donovan word for pony-tails) I just need to upload pics, which I loath and that is why it hasn’t been done. We do need to get G at the header too!

    colette – I would LOVE to see you!! I’ll send you my info!!

  6. love it : ) I don’t totally get it either. I don’t understand why if there’s email we can’t just stick to email!!! BUT I have found a TON of people on there that I haven’t been in touch with in years!!! That’s been fun. Actually, I didn’t find them, facebook found them when it went through my address book! These are people who I lost contact with b/c their emails had changed! So, that part of it, I like. But it’s too much for me to keep up with the status thing and such!! : )

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